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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As the country prepares to spend time in reflection with friends and family, we wanted to share the prayer that will be said with our family at the table this evening. It is our wish that this season of gratitude and joy is not relegated to a specific time or season, but continues […]

“Sometimes we put our greatest treasures in museums. Other times, we take them for walks.” ~Roger Caras, Former President of the ASPCA We’re going to just come out and say it: Dogs are the best. Whenever a couple or family asks us to include their dog in the photo session, something inside us gets all […]

Getting ready for the holidays always reminds me of prepping for a big trip. All the lists, last minute trips to the store (usually the same one time and time again), packing (Halloween Decorations), unpacking (Christmas Decorations), and improvising those few things we forgot after checking the list at least 46 times. And it is all […]