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I can still hear the oft-spoken words of my mother: “Go stand over there and smile!” It didn’t matter if it was at a birthday party or a family vacation, my mom loved taking photos of us when we were growing up.  And several times a day, she’d utter those words I hated hearing oh-so-much. […]

I can still recall parts of his online profile description: “I am very dedicated and passionate about anything and everything I do. I want somebody who can be open with me and accept me for who I am, who is independent, and passionate about their interests, and knows how to have a good time. I […]

She looked so cute standing there in the middle of the path, bathed in the harsh light of the sodium lamp high up on the apartment building.  I walked slowly towards her, down the concrete towards a destiny I’d never imagined. It was the first time Rachel and I met.  Well, in person, anyways.  I […]