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The day started and ended with festive music. Though not the kind you would normally expect in September. You see, Carla loves Christmas. Let us re-emphasize, she L-O-V-E-S Christmas. Perhaps this is the reason for her contagious smile, infectious laughter, and radiating warmth. (We’re starting to think that the reason she loves the holidays so much […]

I still remember our ceremony. Though the reception is a bit of a blur, during our time under the pergola I felt hyper-aware. There are several parts I still recall with regularity, but one truth emerges with the most deepened understanding as I reflect back on six joy-filled, challenging, and growth-filled years. As we look upon these beautiful surroundings, we […]

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“That’s a wrap.” When there are children present during the family photos, the few moments following this release are some of our favorites! Like the bell for recess, this phrase unleashes their playful effervescence and helps them to forget that there is a camera present. And we end up with pure, whimsical photos such as […]

It’s that time again.  Summer is winding down (well, we do live in Virginia, so maybe it’s a bit early to say that…), last minute vacations have come to an end, and all the kids are singing, “Ohhhhhh, back to school, back to school…” It’s also a time when many high school graduates begin the […]